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Services & Support

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality chemical plants with long lifetimes, the satisfaction of our customers is our priority. The superior Bertrams quality combined with regular plant inspections ensures that unscheduled downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

Nevertheless, if a repair is needed, we give you the best possible support until your plant is back into operation within the shortest time. Whenever a question regarding a product or service comes up, we will do our best to resolve your issues over the phone via our technical helpline. If you need one of our service engineers at your site, we will delegate one of our specialists and make the arrangements as seamless as possible.

We deliver the right spare parts worldwide quickly and reliably. Our “Genuine Parts” are optimal in their accuracy of fit (specifically tailored for your plant) material properties and durability.

To keep your equipment running efficiently, maintenance is essential. Maintenance services lower your total operating costs by maintaining the performance level and extending the lifetime of your plant. All Bertrams Services at a glance.

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