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About us

Founded in 1894, Bertrams developed as a technology supplier for the Chlor-Alkali industry. Revolutionising the art of concentration and processing of caustic solutions, Bertrams has become the benchmark in this field and contributed with its developments in the manufacture of all actual commercial grades of caustic products.

Today with years of experience in leading-edge solutions for alkali processing we continue to be the market leader in this industry and extended our portfolio to include the concentration of acids.

With a comprehensive portfolio of in-house technologies and know-how, our employees are ready to handle projects over the entire life cycle of the system, from planning to design to sustainability and maintenance, which are always tailored to individual requirements.

We are an internationally active enterprise with headquarters in Muttenz (Switzerland) with our own offices in India and China and representation in many other countries around the world. Our global presence and 130 years of experience enable us to base our technologies on years of practice and innovation to offer our clients the latest state of the art standards.

We focus on our customer requirements and above all, are as responsive as possible in offering quick and reliable assistance to enable them to be successful in their line of business.



Bertrams Chemical Plants Ltd. Eptingerstrasse 41 4132 Muttenz / Switzerland
+41 61 467 53 53 +41 61 467 53 54


  • Be the first-choice supplier worldwide

  • Deliver quality through competence

  • Be first in service for your plants

  • Remain one step ahead

  • Be committed to the best

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