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Calcium chloride plant

In the chlor-alkali industry waste hydrochloric acid (HCl) is very hard to dispose of due to its harmful environment impact. Calcium chloride can be generated from the neutralization of HCl and limestone to produce a valuable product.

We can offer the complete processing system to produce calcium chloride either as solution, flakes or granules thanks to our leading position and experience in the field of alkali concentration, flaking and prilling plants. The product is typically available in form of lye or in solid form or as granules as per following specification:

  • CaCl2 solution at 35-40%wt
  • CaCl2 flakes at 78 – 80 % or 94 – 96%wt
  • CaCl2 Granules / Prills at 94 – 96%wt


  • Capacity: 20 - 150 tpd as CaCl2 100%

  • Effective neutralization and purification process

  • Minimized product loss

  • Optimum spray tower performances

  • Reliable drying for precise product concentration
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