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Nitric acid concentration

Due to its chemical properties, nitric acid cannot be concentrated by fractional distillation above 68 %, as it forms an azeotrope with water. To reach a concentrated nitric acid concentration with up to 99% wt, the water needs to be extracted using an extractive agent (e.g. sulphuric acid).

Bertrams nitric acid concentration systems combine state-of-the-art process technology with safe and robust engineering made in Switzerland. In combination with a NOX absorption system, recovery yields reach almost 100 %.

The Bertrams nitric acid concentration process ensures energy-efficient and safe operation of the plant as well as flexible solutions for various applications. Perfect process control and high-quality products are the result.



  • For HNO₃ concentration up to
    99 % wt

  • Capacity 2 to 160 tpd per train
    (as 100 %)

  • High energy efficiency through heat recovery

  • High recovery yield >99.9 %

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