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for demanding mixed- acid treatment

Acid handling requires state-of-the-art processes. Mixed acid, also called nitrating acid, is a mixture of nitric and sulphuric acid. By binding the water produced in the chemical reaction, the sulphuric acid increases the nitration strength of the nitric acid, allowing high nitration grades (like those required for TNT) to be achieved.

After the nitration process, the spent mixed acid carries only reduced concentrations of nitric and sulphuric acid.  For a proper recovery, the acids need to be separated in a so called denitration process. The result is a weak sulphuric acid and a concentrated nitric acid. When combined with a sulphuric acid concentration system and a NOx absorption unit, a complete recovery of the acids is almost ensured.

Bertrams offers tailor-made plants for separation, purification and concentration of mixed acids. The plants satisfy special requirements by combining the most modern technology with well-proven materials.



  • For mixed acids from nitration processes

  • Reduction of raw materials consumption and hazardous waste

  • Energy efficient through heat recovery

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